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中国建筑第四工程 局有限公司 CCFE – 合同专员 Contract Administrator

Location : Indonesia Office

Job Description

  • 起草合同。
    Draft contract.
  • 阅读、分析和解释不同类型的合同文件。
    Read, analyze and interpret different types of contract documents.
  • 南查和更新现有合同。
    Review and update existing contract.
  • 分析合同条款的潜在风险。
    Analyze potential risks involved with specific contract terms.
  • 向经理和其他相关方解释合同条款和条件。
    Explain the terms and conditions of contract to managers and other relevant parties.
  • 维护有组织的实物和数字合同记录系统。
    Maintain organized system of physical and digital contract records.
  • 处理机密信息,确保所有文件安全。
    Handle confidential information to keep all documents secure.
  • 了解最新的法规变化。
    Stay up-to date with regulation changes.


  • 工程、商业、法律或其他相关专业本科学历(最低 GPA3.25)
    Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Law or other related discipline (min. GPA 3.25).
  • 最好有建筑或工程行业的工作经验,但也欢迎应届毕业生申请。
    Preferably have experience in construction or engineering industries, but fresh graduate is welcome to apply.
  • 优秀的书写能力。
    Excellent writing skill.
  • 流利的英语口语和书写能力 (会讲普通话者优先)。
    Fluent in English both spoken and written (Mandarin speaker is preferable).
  • 工作积极主动,注重效率,注重细节。
    High initiative, efficiency oriented, and strong attention to details.
  • 具有多任务处理能力,既能独立工作,也能团队合作。
    Have a multi-tasking ability and can work independent as well as in a team.
  • 具有良好的沟通能力和人际交往能力。
    Have a good communication and interpersonal skill.
  • 愿意在项目现场工作。
    Willing to be placed in project site.

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