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中国建筑第四工程 局有限公司 CCFE – 商务部 Quantity Surveyor

Location : Indonesia Office

Job Description

  • 根据施工图和现场实际工程量计算工程量。
    Calculate construction quantity based on shop drawing and by considering the actual quantity on site.
  • 根据招标图纸在紧迫的期限内计算投标数量。
    Calculate bid quantity based on tender drawing within tight deadline.
  • 与供应商和项目业主就工程量进行谈判。
    Conduct negotiations with vendors and project owners regarding construction quantity.
  • 为投标或项目向供应商询价。
    Request for quotation from vendors for the purpose of tenders or projects.
  • 与工程师协调因纸变更和工程量更新。
    Coordinate with engineers related to changes in drawings and quantity updates.
  • 定期巡视现场,检查施工进度。
    Carry out regular site visit to check the construction progress
  • 准确核对所有工程进度付款情況并及时提交。
    Check all payments for work progress accurately and submit them in a timely manner.
  • 根据现场施工进度处理付款。
    Process payments based on the construction progress on site.


  • 土木工程、建筑或相关专业毕业,本科及以上学历(最低 GPA 3.25)。
    Graduate from Civil Engineering, Architecture or related major, with Bachelor Degree or above (min. GPA 3.25).
  • 英语听说读写流利(会普通话者优先)。
    Fluent in English both spoken and written (Mandarin speaker is preferable).
  • 有建筑或工程行业经验者优先,但也欢迎应届毕业生申请。
    Preferably have experience in construction or engineering industries, but fresh graduate is welcome to apply.
  • 愿意到项目现场工作。
    Willing to be placed in project site.
  • 熟练使用AutoCAD、Ms.
    Skilled in using Auto CAD, Ms. Office, and other construction calculation software.
  • 具有良好的沟通能力和人际交往能力。
    Have a good communication and interpersonal skill.
  • 工作勤奋认真,抗压能力强,能在投标期内或根据经理要求加班,按照交标日期完成工作。
    Hard working, able to work under pressure and accustomed to tight deadlines, able to work overtime within the tender period or in accordance with the manager’s request.

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