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中国建筑第四工程 局有限公司 CCFE – 市场部 Marketing Department

Location : Indonesia Office


  • 本科及以上学历,汉语、英语可作为日常工作语言 (HSK 6 级优先)。
    Bachelor degree or above, Chinese and English can be used as daily working languages (HSK level 6 is preferred).
  • 具有较强的组织协调能力,市场营销数据分析能力和独立解決问题的能力;有强烈的工作责任心,较强的逻辑思维能力和判断能力以及较强的沟通能力、写作能力和执行能力。
    High organizational coordination skills, marketing data analysis skills and independent problem solving skills; strong sense of responsibility for work, strong logical thinking skills and judgment as well as strong communication skills, writing skills and execution skills.
  • 有钻研精神,关注细节,有较强的学习和理解能力。
    Diligent, Have a good attitude and willing to learn.
  • 具备建筑公司市场部内业工作经验优先。
    Having experience in internal work of marketing department of a construction company is preferred.
  • 具备良好的职业道德素养,爱岗敬业,吃苦耐劳,具备较强的集体荣誉感。
    Have good professional ethic, keep a strong sense of teamwork honor.
  • 具有较强的政府机关及民问机构的公关能力、应变能力、谈判能力。
    Have good public relations ability, adaptability and negotiation ability in governmental organs and private organizations.
  • 具备优秀的资源整合能力和市场敏感度,了解本行业的市场方向与监管制度优先。
    Have excellent resource integration ability and market sensitivity, understand the market direction of the industry and regulatory system is preferred.

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