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中国建筑第四工程 局有限公司 CCFE – 现场工程师/质量员/技术员 Field Engineer / Quality Staff / Technical Staff

Location : Indonesia Office


  • 建筑类相关专业毕业,本科及以上学历,有项目现场工作经验者优先。
    Graduated from architecture, civil engineering or related majors, bachelor’s degree or above, project site work experience is preferred.
  • 熱悉施工工序,有土建/市政/技术类项目相关岗位工作经验及现场施工经验者优先。
    Familiar with construction process, having experience in related positions in civil municipal/ technical projects and on-site construction experience is preferred
  • 英语、印尼语熟练,最好会中文
    Proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia, preferably can speak Chinese.
  • 具有一定的组织协调能力,认真勤奋,吃苦耐劳,适应项目现场生活。
    Have ability of organization and coordination in teamwork, conscientious and diligent, hard-working, adapt to project site well.
  • 熟悉国家和地方的施工规章制廈,并能熟练运用。
    Familiar with government and local construction rules and regulations and be able to apply them proficiently.

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