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China Construction First Group – Purchasing Staff

Location : Jakarta/Bali, Indonesia

Company Description

CHINA CONSTRUCTION FIRST GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED (CCFG) established in 1953, is the first “national team” of construction in China. In 1959 CCFG was awarded the title of ‘Vanguard’ and ‘Iron Army’ therein, and was recognized as “Pioneer” and “Iron Army” in China. CCFG has set its name around the world through its numerous and remarkable projects. Although CCFG Indonesia Company hasn’t operated here for too long, it has inherited the core members of CSCEC previously in Indonesia. In the past 17 years, This team has undertaken and completed 30 projects involving various industries and fields. It is well integrated with local resources, familiar with the local market, with deep social origin, and has the basic elements critical for construction.

Job Description

  • Find building material resources and compare prices of materials
  • Carry out material supplier management, make supplier information ledger (including price resource library, etc.)
  • Invite bids, negotiate prices, and purchase work from suppliers
  • Carry out material management, such as material sorting, material ledger, material delivery and storage, etc.


  • It is required to have a bachelor degree or above
  • Cheerful personality, good communication skills
  • Experience in studying in China or working in a Chinese-funded enterprise is preferred
  • The Chinese level is above HSK level 4
  • Other work related to materials assigned by the leader
  • Responsible and honest

If you’re interested and qualified, please send your CCFG standard CV along with your own CV .
Download CCFG standard CV HERE

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