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Danarupiah – Funding Supervisor

Location : Indonesia

Company Description

DanaRupiah is a Fintech (Financial Technology) Company which has officially been permitted and supervised by OJK KEP-18/D.05/2020 since May 19th 2020. As a legal and credible Fintech company, DanaRupiah provides financial services through an online lending service platform, with a mission to becoming one of the most trusted financial solution that contributes in improving society’s standard of living by providing various short-term loan options.

Job Description

Monitoring and controlling the cash flow and fund management.

  • Circulation of funds from lender – P2P Platform – back to lender; Possess sufficient funding for the process of disbursement and repayment to lenders.
  • Review payments that are submitted by the cashier on e-banking.
  • Maintain the buyback procedure for the SPV company, process and make sure it complies with internal requirements.
  • Maintain that the loan repayment procedure for investors is proceeding as planned and in compliance with internal reconciliation.
  • Report the budget forecast of the Indonesia branch and report to the HQ.

Support and Assist manager with any task that is requested.

  • Analyzing data and providing reports to help the manager make informed decisions.
  • Preparing the forecast report that the manager required.
  • Assist managers in completing the task assigned to the team, and actively connect with other divisions within the company to acquire information and insights.

Monthly Closing and Monthly Financial Statement.

  • Providing all current period COGS costs and management costs that need to be reported to headquarters.
  • Review and summarize all the expenses and the financial statement from the Indonesia branch and report to the Headquarter.
  • Provide superlender revenues, bad debts and fund costs for the current period to assist the reporting team with bookkeeping.
  • Providing the reporting team with the basic information about the LKB’s revenue and the calculation of the VAT and withholding tax.

Associate and connecting with the external counterpart 

  • Approaching the bank to open an account in accordance with the demands of the company to sustain business growth; cooperating with the bank officer. 
  • Providing documents that are required by the bank in the audit period.
  • Maintaining the bank account active and accessible to avoid it going dormant.
  • Providing the quarterly report in compliance with investor requirements.
  • Providing audit reports as requested by investors.

Audited Financial Report

  • Assisting the external auditor in the issuance of the Teching audited FS and providing it in accordance with investor needs and local compliance standards.
  • Providing data and documents that are requested by the auditor.
  • Follow up the audit process and ensure timely completion of audits.

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