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Hunting Pray – 销售市场人员 Sales & Marketing staff

Location : Mainland China

职责 Responsibilities

  • 负责销售事务与维护客户。
    Responsible for sales affairs and customer maintenance.
  • 负责开发客户与市场调研工作。
    Responsible for customer development and market research.
  • 完成销售目标与项目跟进。
    Achieve sales target and follow up projects.
    Maintain and complete customer information and customer files.
  • 叁与销售部门会议、培训、研讨会、展览/展会,客户拜访。
    Participate In sales department meetings, training, seminars, exhibitions, and customer visit

要求 Requirements

  • 本科以上学历,工科、经济管理或商业管理专业,市场营销、市场调研、统计分析及相关专业。
    Bachelor degree or above, major in Engineering, Economic Management or Business Management, Marketing, Market Research, Statistical Analysis and related majors.
  • 1-3 年相关工作经验,优秀应届毕业生亦可。
    1-3 years relevant working experience. Excellent graduates are also available.
  • 具备较强的(中、英语)口语和书面沟通能力,并能够清楚地传达研究结果/结论报告。
    Strong oral and written skills in Chinese & English, and able to clearly communicate research results/conclusion reports.
    Proficient in WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, etc.
  • 具有优秀的数据分析能力和有能力运用多元统计分析。
    Excellent data analysis ability and the ability to use multivariate statistical analysis.
  • 具有优秀的人际技巧、能力,有效地在多样化的团队中与人交流与协作,较强执行力,注重团队合作、拥有服务他人、服务团队的良好意识。
    Have excellent interpersonal skills and abilities, effectively communicate and cooperate with others in a diverse team, strong execution ability, pay attention to team cooperation, have a good sense of serving others and serving the team.
  • 具备演讲技能,销售谈判技能潜质。
    Presentation skills, and potential sales negotiation skills.
  • 能够独立完成公司团队目标(限有经验的候选人)。
    Accomplished the company’s team goals independently for experienced candidates.


  • 外国人就业证 Foreigners working permit
  • 外国人居留证 Residence permit
  • 带薪年休假 Paid annual leave
  • 医疔&意外险 Medical & accidental insurance
  • 公寓 Free apartment

Additional Notes

  • 营销专业只要男性
    Sales & Marketing (prefer Male)
  • 中文沟通一定要可以正常沟通哦,注重口语交流能力,HSK等级可以放宽。
    Flexible with the HSK Level Certificate, but Must be able to communicate in Chinese language fluently

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