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Mandareer Training Vol 1

Mandareer training is one of our events with the purpose of enhancing the job candidates’ awareness of the world of employment. With ‘Career Strategies: How to get a fast interview for job seeker’ as the topic for our first workshop, collaborated on 18th October 2022 at 13.00, Indonesian time, with Ms. Florensia Wiyono Daryanto as the Chief Executive Officer of Bright Internships. Furthermore, this event was also supported by PPI Tiongkok, Perluni, Permit Ningbo, Permit Beijing, PPIT Changcou, PPIT Changcou, PPIT Chengdu, PPIT Guangzhou, PPIT Hangzhou, PPIT Hefei, PPIT Nanchang, PPIT Shijiazhuang, PPIT Wuhan, PPIT Yangzhou, PPIT Zhengzhou, PPIT Harbin, and PPIT Suzhou as our media partners. This event was tailored for those searching for jobs yet with limited knowledge. Concerning this topic, this event successfully elaborated from the primary criteria to becoming a more valuable employee candidate to building an appealing and detailed Curriculum Vitae which are suitable for inexperienced job seekers. Lastly, there will also be other compelling events in the future that will be held by us in collaboration with other companies. So, worry not and stay tuned!

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