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In today’s era, the level of competition in the workplace continuously increases. Indonesia itself has hundreds of thousands of students graduating each year. In order to stay competitive in today’s workforce, there are many things that must be the focus of job-seekers preparation. In addition to having the right hard and soft skills, prospective applicants should also know about the company, and the career paths offered.

With an increase in the demand for human resources for Fresh graduates, Mandarin Career or Mandareer is here to provide solutions to students by becoming a platform that connects job providers and the reputable workers available through the Mandareer website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media. Mandareer provides freshers and experienced to instantly search and apply online for the latest jobs in Indonesia posted by top companies and consultant agencies, making the job application process easier. Mandareer is committed to prioritizing Indonesia’s China Alumni job seekers, giving them free access to finding work and information about a company. Mandareer aims to make every workplace happier and more productive by transforming the way employers and candidates find the right fit. In addition to connecting human resources with companies that are looking for workers, Mandareer also holds a series of activities aimed at developing the potential of job seekers, such as training and webinars.

Mandareer also assists employers in locating more capable candidates and the best ones, as well as simplifying the procedure to save time and money. Employers can yield significant benefits from Mandareer site features to streamline the hiring process. With Mandareer, employers can shorten the hiring process by shortlisting or even directly contacting the best applicants as their application comes in. Not to mention, by utilizing our platform to connect to potential talent, employers can reach a wide range of job seekers studying in China.

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